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Multi-faceted Home Buying Process

New Construction

It's a common misconception that a Realtor® cannot help you when you are buying a new home. This couldn't be further from the truth! First, agents are paid a commission by the builder/seller, so there is no out of pocket expense or fees for professional representation. An experienced agent can no only help you with negotiations, but will also be there with you throughout the design and construction process which can be a huge undertaking. Don't forget, the builder doesn't work for you. it definitely pays to have someone on your side that knows the process and can advise and recommend the best actions. Whether you're looking at a new high rise condo development on Rainy Street on Downtown Austin, or want to build the hill country dream out near Lake Travis, we have the know-how to help you make it happen.

Hidden Inventory

Pocket Listings are a big hullabaloo nowadays, especially in the Austin market where sometimes knowing that a property is going to be coming on the market soon may be the difference between having a shot and purchasing the home or not. As tech savvy agents, we try to stay atop of the latest media activity surrounding off market listings by subscribing to several underground groups comprised of top producing real estate brokers. Over the years, we've been able to track the location of hidden inventory by using our extensive database of websites in the Austin market that contain private or silent listings. If you have extra tough requirements and are looking in a part of town that is hard to get into, rest assured we have the connections and tools to make it happen. If you want to find out how we can help you uncover hidden inventory in the Austin market just drop us a line.

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Not necessarily. Austin House Company can help you list your home and make contingent offer when you find your next home. This gives you time to close on the sale of your existing home before moving to your new home. Many times without having to move into an interim property.

Most of the time yes. Sometimes a seller is unwilling to hire a Realtor® to help them sell their home, however, in most cases they are agreeable to working with a buyer’s agent. Give us a call and we’ll find out for you.

In Austin? The sooner the better. Austin’s market is historically strong, even through the mortgage crisis, Austin’s values continued to climb gradually. As of late the Austin Metro’s popularity has only increased, which has attracted new residents and businesses alike. This explosive growth has lead to a consistent rise in home values, so one does have to consider affordability. Additionally, interest rates for home mortgages have also continued to climb as the economy has solidified. All things considered, it’s best to lock in a price and a low interest rate at the earliest opportunity.

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